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Company Strategy

Weisdin dedicated to making itself an international high end star-rated hotel supplies brand and modified the operating mode from single domestic sales to a more diversified one that focus on production and trade, online retail and global agents. Gradually, Weisdin forms five strategies, including scale strategy, brand strategy, management strategy, talent strategy and internationalized strategy, and these strategies has become the core competitiveness of the company.


Scale strategy is the foundation of Weisdin’s overall strategy. Before 2014, Weisdin rooted in hotel clothing linen sales and rapidly developed. Since 2014, Weisdin adopted a more diversified expanding strategy, began to focused on production and trade, online retail and global agents, therefore, captured both domestic and oversea hotel supplies market in a short time and gained the blow-out performance growth. Weisdin now has four subsidiary companies including YOUFA, XUHAI, WOLAIFEI and HK Weisdin International Trading, and open many brand direct-sale stores in Russia, Canada, Poland, Philippine and Malaysia. Weisdin’s products are not only sold in domestic markets, but also exported to more than 100 countries in Europe, America and Middle East. Weisdin has set up a global sales network and gained a good reputation from customers worldwide.


Brand strategy is the core of Weisdin’s overall strategy. In terms of branding, Weisdin tends to details and makes every effort to turn itself into an international high end star-rated hotel supplies brand. On one hand, Weisdin keeps distinguish itself from other brands in design, workmanship, technique and quality. On the other hand, Weisdin establishes firm strategic ties with many domestic related enterprises to greatly improve the product quality. Today, Weisdin is gaining an increasing brand influence and popularity, also a booming sales year by year. This is the reason that Weisdin is honored as one of the top 10 brands in hotel supplies industry.


In terms of management strategy, Weisdin adapts an intensive and high efficient standard management mode, which is not only to meet the current situation of the company as the leading hotel bedding set manufacturer in China, but also a benefit for the plan of becoming an international enterprise with brand competitiveness. The management strategy can greatly cut the cost of overall operation and ensure that the company’s branding plan is carrying on stably. Meanwhile, Weisdin has formed scientific management systems such as target plan management and flexibility management, which are strictly implemented and have clear distinction between reward and penalty.


Talent strategy is the assurance of Weisdin’s overall strategy. In terms of talent strategy, Weisdin recruit a great number of excellent talents from campus, society and oversea introduction mechanism. Besides, Weisdin gives full play to the salary guarantee and performance assessment to achieve the optimized configuration of talent structure. Weisdin aims to build a professional team with strong executive capacity to guarantee a sustainable and steady development.


In 2015, Weisdin put forward the fifth Three-year Plan and began to implement the strategies at the altitude of an internationalized enterprise. In the next coming three years, Weisdin will cooperate with more than 20 first-level agents worldwide to cover nearly all the hot spots for hotel bedding set direct sales, thus to further complete the global sales network. So far, Weisdin has opened many brand direct-sale stores in Russia, Canada, Poland, Philippine and Malaysia, and successfully established strategic business relationships with many professional agents.

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