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Weisdin company now has nearly 300 staff. With unique company culture, excellent team performance and incentive system, Weisdin keeps moving forward. Service, Teamwork, Win-win and Profession are the core values of Weisdin and the most important part of the company culture.

In terms of company recruitment, Weisdin has established an advanced talent introduction policy. On one hand, Weisdin cooperates with many famous universities and opens up campus recruitment, attracts lots of talented graduates as the fresh new blood. On the other hand, Weisdin also carries on social recruitment, overseas introduction and other channels, in order to offer more chances for capable personnel on the basis of competitive selection.

In terms of company training, Weisdin has established a comprehensive and systematic training system, with hotel bedding knowledge as the key and teamwork spirit as the combined element, successfully enhances employee capability in practice and cultivates a good number of hardworking and pioneering Weisdin people.

In terms of talent promotion, Weisdin provides broad career development space and promotion platforms for each Weisdin people. The subjective initiatives of employees have been brought into full play and their intrinsic potentials have been fully developed, thereby having formed a solid base for rapid and internationalized development of the company.

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